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Welcome to The BBB Cafe ~ Online

These video's are of tips, positions and educational clips for birth, parenting and relationships

Better Birth Breathing

Breathing Techniques

Bump & Birth Movements

Positions for pregnancy and birth

Postpartum Baby Blues?

When the Blues become Depression

Pregnancy Health & Nutrition

Your health and food are essentials for your babies lifetime.

Just for Daddy/Partner

How to bond and play with your baby

Hormones of Labor & Birth

Natures Cocktail in Undisturbed Birth

VBAC - Yes you CAN!

Avoiding another c-section.

What is a Doula?

Why are they Beneficial?

Bringing Baby Home Program

For Keeping Your Relationshop Strong

Animated Video of Labor Process


Reducing Fear of Birth

Ina May Gaskin TedxSacramento

Trusting Your Body & Listen

Ina May Gaskin Birth Matters

Breastfeeding a Good Latch

Dr. Jack Newman

Skin to Skin & Delaying Bath

Brief reasons why it is best

Chemical Changes in Baby & Mom Postpartum

Continue Kangaroo Care

MTHFR- Mutation

Corrilations with Tongue/Lip Ties

Breastfeeding Tutorial Keep at It

Dr. Jack Newman

Identifying a Tongue Tie & Clipping

How to look for it and clipping it

Turning Your Breech/Transverse or Posterior Baby

Great educator and success rates for turning babies

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