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Better Birth Workshops

My workshops are created to get a group of expectant and new parents together, in order to learn how nutrition, excercise and active participation during pregnancy, birth and postpartum influences our lives for years to come.  


My goal is to help normalizing birth, bring awareness to the importance of postpartum health, and enhance new parenting descisions when it comes to raising a new baby in our changing world. All of our workshops are open for families and professionals to attend. 

Better Birth Understanding:
VBAC Strategies-
Reducing Fear & Interventions



  • Managing the intensity of labor​

  • Importance of labor movement

  • Focused Relaxation

  • Due dates & inductions

  • Emotional Response & Intuition

  • Importance of processing you last birth

Baby Wearing Workshop



  • Slings & Carriers - Meet other parents and practice using a variety of baby wearing techniques.

  • There will be a demonstration and individual assistance provided.

  • Baby & Parent social hour follows

Birth Basics Workshop:
Breathing, Positions & Focal Points


  • 5 Basic Principles for Labor & Birth

    • Nutrition

    • Hydration

    • Positions 

    • Rest/Relaxation

  • We will go over:

    • Birth Balls & Stretches for Pregnancy and Labor

    • Movements & Rhythms

    • Breathing & Focal Points


We will help you listen to your intuition and find your birth groove!

Beyond Breastmilk 
"What" & "When" of Solids for Baby



  • How to tell if your baby is ready for solids

  • Watching for developmental cues

  • Which foods are most beneficial

  • How it will effect your milk supply

  • How foods have changed and long term effects it has on your bodies

  • New research on food allergies

Importance of Postpartum
Wellness Workshop:
Strategies for Baby Blues & Postpartum Mental Health 


  • Hormones and Skin to Skin

  • Importance of Touch

  • Processing Your Birth

  • Accepting & Asking for Help

  • Nutrition & Meal Planning

  • Visitor & Rest

  • How a Postpartum Doula can help

More Details about The BBB Health Workshops

Sign-up for all the workshops and get a 20% discount at time of checkout.  


  • If you have Medi-cal and have been referred by a doctor or public health facility a 50% disount will apply.  Be prepared to show your card on the first class to verify status. Click here for discount rate (1 workshop only)


  • If you only want 1 class, it is then customized and you need to go back to TheBBBCafe page to pick & pay for the class.


  • Most workshops are held at: Rocklin Parks and Recreation Department 5460 5th Street Rocklin, CA 95677 -Class rooms will vary and will be confirmed after purchase.

  • Some workshops are also available in Placer County in selected areas.  Check out our calendar page for events dates, times and locations.

Be Prepared visit our Amazon Store:

The BBB Cafe Supply Store


I sell pre-made Birth Kits at my workshops for $100.  

They includes:

Birth Ball, hand massager, aromatherapy & massage oils, position booklet, rice hot/cold pack & a rebozo

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